kenapa “hot dog” bisa jadi hot dog…

a hot dog at the ballpark tastes better than a steak at the ritz
-Humphrey bogart-

did you know that the term “hot dog” was actually coined at a baseball game? new york polo grounds, somewhere around 1867. a german butcher was selling what he called “dacgshund sausages” out of his pie wagon. he put them on a roll, so that his customers wouldnt burn their fingers. he’d yell out “get your dachshund sausages, they’re red hot!”

soon all the vendors at the polo grounds were selling them, too. but they’re too lazy to say “dachshund sausages. so they just called them “hot dogs”

kalimat diatas ono gw ambil dari kata2nya GIll Grissom, dari serial CSI Las Vegas season 6 episode 9 : Dog eat Dog… ga perlu gw terjemahin khan????



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