Mafia wars status point

many people arguing about the status on their mafia wars. one people say that having bigger defence status is better that having bigger attack status. the debate will never ending, since the people is having their own opinion.

The Email
One day I recieved email on my facebook from a mafia wars clan about this mafia wars status. It said that having bigger defence status is better than having the bigger attack status one. the reason is because when you attack someone, you choose the target. the mafia family they have. so the chance of winning is more about 90% of winning, unless you’re such dumb ass picking
enemies that have bigger number of mafia family than you. beside, since there is no more critical damage that can be done by the less mafia family that u attack.
So, attacking an enemy that having less mafia family than you will guarantee your 100% winning. Unless, I’ve already said, you are such a dumb ass.

the other reason, that mentioned on that email, was because when you were attacked you dont know when it will be happened. so you have to have a more defence status.

the email said, that at least you got to have 100 defenceĀ  status more than your attack status. so if you got your attack status on 140, your defence is gonna be 240.

well thats the email said.

But I got my own opinion. “ATTACKS IS THE BEST DEFENCE” more fit to me than just have to be defending all way long.

There only three reason that someone attacks you.
1. you attack someone and that person want a revenge on you. so you got attacked
2. you attack someone and the person put you on hitlist. so you got attacked by anyother guy
3. you are so unlucky because your name randomly put on the fight list

what I’m thinking is, why is so worried about the defence? since you’ll have more attacks than being attacked. My mafia wars got 12 stamina point. when I attack someone, I got 12 chances of winning. when I got online on the next day, there on some attack that I couldnt counter.
So what? winning a defence fight wont get you any loots.

so think about It, what is better? having 12 such a successfull attacks and gaining some random loots. or having a 4 winning defence without gaining anyloots, and may be only 8 of 12 chances of winning because you got your attack status point less than your defence.

playing mafia wars and want be having some more family?
put your facebook email on comment coloumn, and I’ll add your mafia A.S.A.P or maybe someone will add yours too.



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